As an Eastman Guitars endorser, I am periodically doing workshops that focus on these beautiful instruments. I am also available for jazz guitar workshops and composition workshops. And thanks to my PhD studies in nonverbal communication in jazz performance, I am happy to present seminars on a variety of topics including flow, lateral thinking, improvisation, and music perception.

Workshops & Seminars

Many musicians are great performers and are looking to expand the ways in which their ‘own voice’ can be heard. Creating original works often gives another dimension to an already original voice.

If you would like to feel more confident in exploring the world of composition, contact me and we can work out a tailor-made program to strengthen your composition skills.

Composition Lessons

Many musicians know that their understanding of the instrument as well as of playing possibilities would improve dramatically if they had a strong grasp of music theory. Yet many hesitate learning this wonderful language because they fear its complexity. Others are concerned that knowledge in music theory would impede their creative flow. Of course, music theory is simply a great tool, much like knowing the laws of physics to engineer an innovation or compete at a high level in sports.

Contact me for some fun and practical theory lessons!

Theory Lessons

I have over 20 years experience as a guitar instructor in a variety of contexts ranging from private to university level. I am proud to say that my past students include several highly original and professional guitarists, as well as many who simply enjoy playing in their own four walls. By taking a very personal approach to lessons while establishing necessary foundations, I ensure a balanced and enjoyable learning process.

Please contact me for logistics (online lessons are also possible) and fee structures.

Guitar Lessons